Our Team

Sofia Zervou

Project Manager

I studied Tourism Management in England, I worked in the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and travelled the world. My dream was to return to my origins and promote in the best way possible the unique beauty of our place, all those things that we can offer to our visitors, and try to contribute to a new beginning in the tourist development of Kavos and the wider area, which is right now so much needed.

Dimitris Klagkos

Graphic Designer

I live and work as designer on Corfu, to which I returned after studying in the UK. Through my work, I try to promote and showcase remarkable local businesses and initiatives, creating for them their identity. The design of the logo for Kavos, aims to promote the region and create an identity and brand that will help develop the tourism industry of the area.

Marios Zabelis

Photography / Videography

Since 7 years old, what caught my interest was photography. I don't like to miss moments, because I believe that if people have anything important in their lives, then that is their memories.

Mirjan Gjergjevica

Photography / Videography

Photography has deeply impressed me since my childhood; it seemed unreal how a moment can be printed and stay there forever. Through photographs I see the past and realise how quickly time goes by.